• POD HD500, Guitarist, December 2010 "Overall the PODHD500 and its siblings are very good news for all of us - oodles of practicality and great sound for a reasonable price - no complaints here at all." "Detailed and palyable HD amp...

  • Spider Valve MkII, Guitar World, December 2010 LINE 6’S SPIDER Valve MkII HD100 represents a perfect marriage of digital and analog technologies.

  • MIDI Mobilizer, Macnotes.de, May 2010 Wer viel mit MIDI-Geräten macht, bekommt mit dem Line6 MIDI Mobilizer eine sinnvolle Ergänzung zu einem vorhandenem iPhone/iPod touch.
    Carsten Sandtner, Macnotes.de, Hier klicken

  • MIDI Mobilizer, Guitarsolos.tv, May 2010 Die Handhabung und Bedienung sowohl des MIDI Interfaces als auch der kostenlosen APP ist sehr einfach
    Bernd Kiltz, Guitarsolos.tv, Hier klicken

  • MIDI Mobilizer, TrulyObscure.com, May 2010 "Musicians on the go can thank Line 6 for helping turn the pocket-sized iPhone into a mobile recording studio, with their MIDI Mobilizer" Read review here.
    Heather Millward,...

  • MIDI Mobilizer, MusicTech, June 2010 "Being able to capture a musical idea without a laptop is very useful for a musician in rehersal or soundcheck."
    "The device coped with all the MIDI data we could chuck at it without any...

  • MIDI Mobilizer, Sonicstate.com, June 2010 "Line 6 have come to the rescue with their MIDI Mobilizer, a dockable (slots in the port all iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads have at their base), dongle type thing with two mini-jacks for MIDI in and...

  • MIDI Mobilizer, Gearjunkies.com, June 2010 "MIDI Mobilizer is the fastest, lightest and easiest way to manage all your MIDI data." View video review.
    Marc from Gearjunkies Techlab, Gearjunkies.com

  • Relay G30, Guitarist, May 2010 "Seriously - and I never thought I would say this - this wireless works, and it sounds good"

    Mick Taylor, Guitarist

  • Relay G30, jemsite.com, April 2010 "Line6 takes guitar wireless to a whole new level with their new digital wireless systems. The entry-level model, the Relay G-30 is anything BUT entry-level in sound OR...

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