And in at number one is...POD!

The last decade has been incredible for guitarists and musicians everywhere. There have been huge leaps in technology that just didn’t seem possible way back in the early ‘90s. In the December 2004 issue of Total Guitar, Europe’s best-selling magazine decided to narrow down over 1,500 different products from the last decade down to just the top 50. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that we got four products into the top 25, but we didn’t expect this: POD took the #1 spot with Variax 500 right next to it at #2!

"Modeling has become the buzzword in the guitar industry, with other manufactures launching similar products in recent years and it’s easy to take this amazing technology for granted," explained Ed Mitchell, Total Guitar. "So in recognition of the way the POD took our breath away and changed guitar recording forever, it’s our number one product of the last 10 years. Truly Awesome," said Mitchell. Not only is Line 6 proud to have the #1 and #2 slots, GuitarPort is also on the list at #12 and Spider II at #24. Now that’s truly awesome!