Your Signature Model Variax is Now Available!

It's time to customize that Variax of yours! Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc. is now offering Variax replacement necks and bodies. Variax 500 and 700 owners can choose from dozens of custom replacement necks in virtually any shape, size and configuration. Non-tremolo bodies (fits Variax 500 electronics only) are also available in most classic bolt-on body shapes.

Whether you prefer the classic feel of a "C" shaped neck or are a shredder that prefers a scalloped fingerboard, the friendly folks at Warmoth have got you covered with the highest quality woods and craftsmanship available anywhere.

Warmoth has been the premier builder of custom guitar necks and bodies for over 20 years. Visit their website at or call them at (253) 845-0403 for more information on customizing your Variax 500 or 700. Make your own signature model Variax today.

Have more questions? Check out our Warmoth FAQ.

Line 6 Warranty Disclaimer:
Installation of Warmoth or any other third party parts may result in your warranty being voided. Disassembly of your Variax may, as well, void your warranty. Installation of any third party parts are done at your own risk and Line 6 offers no warranty or guarantee on the quality or workmanship of third party parts. LINE 6 IS IN NO WAY LIABLE IF THE PARTS THAT YOU INSTALL ARE DEFECTIVE. ADDITIONALLY, LINE 6 IS IN NO WAY LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE INCURRED WHILE INSTALLING OR DUE TO THE INSTALLATION OF ANY THIRD PARTY PARTS.