Line 6 Behind the Scenes

Emmy-nominated composer Niels Bye Neilsen has appeared on countless movies, TV shows, commercials, radio, and more. He was hired by Steve Vai to orchestrate his guitar compositions for symphonies in New York and Holland. In fact, he’s composed music in almost every way you can, but you wouldn’t know who he was if you saw him on the street. He embodies the life of a composer: all of the chops, none of the glory (in fact we won’t even put his picture in this article). When you compose music for so many different purposes, you need the right tools, or in this case tool. Niels recently was introduced to Variax Acoustic 700 and fell in love with it almost instantly. “One thing that really struck me as a fantastic asset is the convenience of having a variety of different sounds at your finger-tips (pun absolutely intended) without the hassle of mic'ing an acoustic instrument,” continues Niels, “For a TV composer who needs to produce up to 10 minutes of music a day, this is an essential timesaver.” Peach on, Niels.

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