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How do you calibrate a FBV2 footpedal?
by proswimmer89 on 2010-06-07 17:11:03.4580

So I just bought a FBV2 footpedal because it's supposed to work with my Spider II 112 combo amp. However when I plug it in it doesn't do anything. So I looked into it and it seems that you need to calibrate it. Now I downloaded the user manual for the FBV series and it doesn't say how to calibrate my specific model. What do I have to do? The cable is working because I tried it with my Xbox and was able to connect, so that wasn't the problem. It would be really helpful if somebody could help me

Re: RE: How do you calibrate a FBV2 footpedal?
by AParedes on 2010-06-08 16:35:21.5510


    The FBV2 cannot be calibrated - it simply switches between the A/B/C/D presets using the Left/right buttons on the unit.  You may want to try a different FBV controller with your Spider II 112 - If a different controller works then the problem is with the FBV2, if not then the problem is with the amp itself.

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