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Stereo Recording
by timothybhewittesq on 2012-02-28 12:01:47.3790

I purchased this device because it has a stereo input.  I would like to record in stereo on my iPhone.

The manual is light, with no reference to software (app) direction.  I see stereo in, but the files I export are in mono.

I'm using an iPhone 4 and GarageBand.

Please - Does this record in stereo and instruct how to.

If I need another app, just let me know.

Re: Stereo Recording
by Line6Don on 2012-03-05 15:51:18.4900

The Mobile In adaptor features a stereo line input to allow you to input a stereo audio source. Currently the Garageband app records the left side only from the stereo input of the Mobile In.

Mobile In works with many other apps besides Garageband. It’s compatible with any app that uses CoreAudio for audio input, starting with iOS 4.2.1.

Re: Stereo Recording
by timothyhewitt on 2012-03-05 17:57:51.8970

Can you please advise what app will record stereo?

Re: Stereo Recording
by Line6Don on 2012-03-06 17:17:26.7850

i have heard good feedback about the app called "FiRe" recording stereo tracks from the line input on the Mobile In.

Re: Stereo Recording
by timothybhewittesq on 2012-03-12 22:14:24.1440

Yes!  Blue FiRe does record stereo with the Moble In.

I already had it on my iPhone, thanks for the reminder.

Re: Stereo Recording
by twilightfog on 2012-09-13 12:06:29.6840

I recently purchased Line 6 Mobile IN and tried to record through LINE-IN STEREO with on iPhone 4s (iOS 5.1.1) . I've tried BlueFire, Fire 2, TASCAM and several other recording apps, they all recoginze the input signal as MONO. I'm definitely feeding it a stereo signal. Can you share how you got BlueFire to recognise your input as stereo? and what hardware and iOS version you're using?

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