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Switch going bad in my X3 Live?
by samcham on 2012-03-05 13:41:53.3410

My X3L is just over 2 years old. Recently, I've noticed that the Tap/Tuner switch is behaving erratically.  It doesn't always work when I press & hold for the tuner, and tapping in a tempo for my delay is problematic.  The problem occurs most often when my heel is resting on the floor.  If I pick up my entire foot and press the switch more on the switch's far edge (that's the edge farthest from me), it works better. 

Is my switch going bad?  I use that switch more than any other, so could I have worn it out?  Or is there a way to improve the function without replacing the switch? 

I live a few hours from the nearest authorized repair center.  Can I buy a switch from Line 6 and install it myself? 

Another question...Are all of the foot switches the same part?  If so, I could possibly swap parts and put this one in a spot I don't use very often.


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The serial number is 21X3L1s5933009010.  So it appears to have been made after the switch design changed, and is not covered under warranty.

Re: Switch going bad in my X3 Live?
by silverhead on 2012-03-06 05:53:36.9180

It is most likely that your switch has failed and will need to be replaced. I recommend that you take your X3L to the service centre and have it properly repaired. I would also ask them to inspect the other switches and repair any that may be about to fail. I know it is out of your way, but that will certainly solve your problem.

If you want to try to fix it yourself then, yes, the switch design is the same for all switches and you may be able to swap. The most likely failure involves a piece of plastic that is part of the switch mechanism underneath the X3L top cover. If you search this forum you should find other threads in the past that have discussed the switch failure/repair. For instance:">">


Good luck.

Re: Switch going bad in my X3 Live?
by Line6david on 2012-03-30 11:32:35.1960


Please contact us by phone for this issue:">">



Re: Switch going bad in my X3 Live?
by kmulford on 2012-06-13 14:42:45.4140

I'm having the same issue as @samcham. Tried calling in but hold time took over 30 minutes and I had to run. Is there any resolution known for this @Line6david? Should I try calling back later? My Serial # is 21X3L1S6005000208.

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