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does the media player record in stagescape mixer
by mrose101 on 2013-02-08 08:41:13.4530

i am wondering if the media player can be recorded with your mix in stagescape mixer. we have backing tracks on thumb drive and i can hear them but they do not seem to record in quick record or multitrack. thanx

Re: does the media player record in stagescape mixer
by line6jonb on 2013-02-08 12:25:20.3220


You cannot record playback from the media player as an input or a part of your main mix.  However, you can play files from the media player while you are recording, as you have already experienced.  Your best means of setting this up to record your backing track would be to wire your backing tracks into inputs of the M20d mixer from a mp3 player or something of the like.

I hope this is helpful.

Re: does the media player record in stagescape mixer
by mishulix on 2013-02-09 08:41:47.7570

I'm sorry but I thought this is the Stagescape M20d and not the M18d mixer....

Why the internal player is treated in a different way from the rest of the tracks? I want to buy this mixer, and I really like it, but this makes me sad. It's a simple software update I reckon, but one that is very important for people playing with backing tracks from the mixer. If I want to listen to my band after the show, I can't, because internal 2track doesn't play (all tracks, not mixdown). Or if I record some song so that I can do the mixing of the band from the FoH with the iPad, I can't because same, the sound is incomplete without the player. In my oppinion a grave mistake in the software for this mixer. Name it M18d and we all understand it, but if it's M20d, than treat the player equally to the other ins. This way, the player is not useful in the "wireless FoH mixing", which is a shame, many bands I know work with backing tracks these days and to get a separate player seems necesary because of this little omission. While I could do that, why invest in a separate piece of gear when this one can do the same thing with a simple update.

Re: does the media player record in stagescape mixer
by theShowmakers on 2013-02-13 05:37:50.9920

you can also use a monitor chanel for output the media player, and wire then the monitor output to an input that you can record.

And yes it seems like it is a M18d mixer. I'm thinking the same.

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