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Question: Latency of internal player
by mishulix on 2013-02-11 00:18:32.2560

Hello. I have a question for you. I am very close to buying a M20d but I still have some things I do not know yet. Here is my question.

Me and my band play with backing tracks and now run them from a Zoom R16. Initially I bought the thing because I thought it will allow me to play some backing tracks and to even make some syncro startt/stop with all the band. Unfortunately that was not possible because when loaded with longer/more waves the unit has a 2-3-5 seconds of delay between pressing the play button and the actual playback start. That is extremely annoying, but we put that behind us until our next purchase. Time has come for that, I researched a bit and found this little gem. I saw it has a player and thought my problems were over, but still, I have to ask you all if the internal player has a big delay since pressing "play"until music starts, or it is instant.

Thank you

Re: Question: Latency of internal player
by line6jonb on 2013-02-11 12:29:35.4090


The media player on the StageScape M20d is relatively instant.  It takesa fraction a second to load and begin playing the file.  I currently have 30 files added to the media player on a USB thumb drive.  I can go from track to track playing each file with a pause of less than a second.  Keep in mind, your backing tracks would want to be relatively complete mixes as a mp3 - having to play 2 files from the media player at the same time is not possible.  The media player will only play 1 file at a time.  But again, the latency is very minimal, much less than 2-3 seconds, I assure  you.

You can also assign momentary foot switches (such as from your guitar amp) to play/pause the media player to sync starts and stops with the band.

I hope this is helpful. 


Re: Question: Latency of internal player
by mishulix on 2013-02-11 14:59:39.0850

It is helpful. Thanks. I was wandering if I could play a ad-lib voice+piano song, and then start the backing tracks mid-song, where it was necesary, by pressing the footswitch, and the backing tracks could start fast enough that it would not cause a delay if I pressed right on time, meaning I synced with my playing. This kind of fast I was thinking.

Kind of how my Roland G6 starts playback of samples instantly when I press one of the 16 pads">">

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