Hip-Hop Collar-Poppin’

Stephen "Stevie-Locks" Lefebvre has recorded guitar tracks for top hip-hop artists such as Christina Milian, as heard on her recent hit song, "Dip it Low.” Stevie-Locks has also recorded tracks for Usher, KeKe Wyatt (Universal), Ice-T, Son Doobie and rap artist Macadocious featuring E-40. He is also coming out on the new album by Buccweet from Lucianno Family (Wolfpack/Jive) that features E-40, Rosco, Korrupt and J-Ro. Stevie-Locks and his LA hip-hop group Tha Gift Shop have performed with members of the Wu Tang Clan, The Farside, Gangstar, Alkaholiks, Hydroglifix, Medusa, Eminem, Son Doobie, KRS-1 from Boogie Down Productions among many, many others.

Wherever he goes, Stevie-Locks uses a black Variax 700 with POD. "In all the BEST hip hop studios you always see that familiar red faced Line 6 POD Pro. The sound you get from it is- off the chain!" He has created a way to scratch along with DJs using his guitar. He now refers to his Variax as "the Scratchonator." He sat down with Line 6 to chat about his gear.

Where did you first hear about Line 6?
I used the POD Pro at a recording studio I was working at. I instantly liked the sounds you could get from it. The Line 6 POD Pro made a big impression on me.

What Line 6 gear are you using and how are you using it?
I use the Line 6 POD and I have a black Variax electric guitar.

How have our products changed the way you work?
It makes recording music and performing a lot easier- I don't have to change around guitars. I have all the guitars I need in one Variax.

What are your favorite settings on the gear you use and why?
As settings go -I like to bypass the amp on the POD because you get an acoustic sound.

Any final comments?
"If you don't like how it sounds, there's something wrong with your ears."
"Line 6 -always on the cutting edge of sound."

Stevie-Locks’ music can be heard in the new movie, “Hairshow”. featuring Mo-nique and Serena Williams.