47,000,000 kids a week can’t be wrong!

Composer Shawn Patterson, currently in production on the new Nickelodeon animated series The X’s, is using the PODxt exclusively for the show’s main theme and musical score.

Over the past 15 years, Patterson has scored live action and animated features ranging from Disney TV, Cartoon Network, Columbia /Tri-Star, the Slamdance Film Festival, and CBS, including the classic Ren And Stimpy, and very recently, Disney’s Dave The Barbarian.

Some of you might also remember Shawn when he took a hiatus from scoring and decided to "do time" here at Line 6 as Senior Editor of GuitarPort Online, from 2001 to 2003.

Whereas most of the features he is called upon to score involve heavy orchestration, his current gig is all over the musical map.

"The score for The X’s covers a wide range of musical genres and moods. It goes from huge orchestral, to bizarre lo-fi 60’s pop/rock, to the signature sound of the show: loud twangy guitars," Patterson told us. "When there is any guitar in this score, it gets tracked with the PODxt. Not just because it sounds incredible, but also because it’s extremely simple to use."

When it comes to using PODxt as opposed to a software-based direct recording solution, Shawn says, "As a guitarist, I am still completely into dialing up my sound with my hands, using real knobs " not a computer mouse! With the PODxt’s outputs straight into my computer, there is never a worry about adding yet more virtual samplers to my already overworked DAW (digital audio workstation)." He adds, "The PODxt is a real piece of hardware - and for me, that’s what a guitar rig should be. It’s simple to use, bullet proof tough, and never falls short of delivering unique and beautiful tone."

Listen for Patterson and his PODxt when The X’s premieres this fall on Nickelodeon.